A 16mm Anamorphic motion picture written & directed by Jeremiah Gurzi

Heaven Strewn
Directors Statement

I have an inherent interest in the rapport between those who substitute the lack of family for the faith of friendship. In addition, I'm captivated by both the origins and destiny of the outlier, the social outcast or outsider whom celebrates his or her place within the peripheral or fringe of society. Heaven Strewn is an exploration of the emotional characteristics of these individuals and a window into the long-term effects directly correlated to this type of pre-development.

Heaven Strewn is a unique opportunity to merge personal interest with the social behavior of comrades who have both inspired and influenced my perspective on society.  This is the story of two best friends whom navigate a singular path as children and eventually choose separate roads as adults.  One road leads toward participating within the boundaries of "the system", while the other road is a conduit toward a path of anarchy. This is an exploration of identical ideologies presented in two entirely separate manners.  One believes that to augment change and defeat an ogre you must first befriend and then persuade, while the other believes that the augmentation itself will only happen with the immediacy of resistance. I'm not attempting to insinuate which road is that of the righteous, rather exploring the strength of their faith in friendship in contrast to their ideological differences as adults.

My curiosity in the aforementioned personalities may stem from my own upbringing. It may be the result of me questioning the idealistic notion that complacent patriotism within the fabric of our society can positively effect and shape change.  Maybe this curiosity is rooted in my own developmental insecurities or just intrinsically imbedded within my subconscious psyche as a human being. Regardless of its analytical or psychological origins, the fact is these folks have helped shape and mold our planet. These are the pioneers of yesterday’s industrial revolution and the promise of tomorrow's spiritual evolution.

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Jeremiah Gurzi




Crime-time, Thriller, Drama, Road-trip, Independent


Heaven Strewn follows best friends Mickey Feathers and Jasper Fanning. Mickey is looking to recover his losses from a botched counterfeiting transaction and has learned the coordinates of a looming drop by those who burnt him. He must now persuade Jasper to help him under the ruse of meteorite hunting. However, Jasper has imperative issues of his own to deal with. His girlfriend is pregnant and his job as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Chronicle is in peril. Eventually persuaded to hit the road the pair stumbles onto a major find. The discovery thrusts each into immediate danger and threatens to radically transform the fabric of their friendship.