A 16mm Anamorphic motion picture written & directed by Jeremiah Gurzi

Heaven Strewn
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USA 2011 | 78 min. | Color NTSC | English

Heaven Strewn follows best friends Mickey Feathers and Jasper Fanning. Mickey is looking to recover his losses from a botched counterfeiting transaction and has learned the coordinates of a looming drop by those who burnt him. He must now persuade Jasper to help him under the ruse of meteorite hunting. However, Jasper has imperative issues of his own to deal with. His girlfriend is pregnant and his job as a staff writer for the Los Angeles Chronicle is in peril. Eventually persuaded to hit the road the pair stumbles onto a major find. The discovery thrusts each into immediate danger and threatens to radically transform the fabric of their friendship.

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Exclusive Blu-ray Content: Director & Cast Commentary, Deleted Scene, Behind the Scenes Slide Show.

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Starting July 31st, Heaven Strewn will be available on DVD & Blu-ray at major retail outlets or online at Amazon and iTunes.