A 16mm Anamorphic motion picture written & directed by Jeremiah Gurzi

Heaven Strewn

The Hollywood Interview (DVD review) - August 1, 2012

Writer/director Jeremiah Gurzi shot his debut feature in 16mm anamorphic, and it looks amazing, particularly considering its shoestring origins.
HEAVEN STREWN (Cinema Libre) Two friends, one a disgraced counterfeiter looking to get back at the guys who burned him, the other a journalist whose career and personal life seem to be taking a nose dive, find themselves involved in criminal activity after stumbling upon what they think is a life-changing find. Writer/director Jeremiah Gurzi shot his debut feature in 16mm anamorphic, and it looks amazing, particularly considering its shoestring origins. Script and characters are solid, as is the acting. While it’s not quite on the par with the work of people like John Cassavetes (which seems to be what he’s going for), the film shows great promise and it will be interesting to see what Gurzi can do once he has a real budget. Worth a look, particularly for fans of offbeat and quirky stories.

Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Commentary by cast and crew; Deleted scene; Photo gallery; Trailer. Widescreen. Dolby 2.0 mono.

Culturemente Incorrecto - July 30, 2012

"Heaven Strewn": Independent film with clear signs of auteur cinema.
Algunas cosas es mejor que queden enterradas...

Mickey y Jasper son dos amigos de la infancia. Mickey es un falsificador de dinero de segunda y Jasper es un periodista atravesando un bloqueo creativo, con una novia embarazada y una vida encaminada. El primero le pide a Jasper que, en honor de los viejos tiempos de aventuras, lo acompañe al desierto a buscar restos de meteoritos. Lo que encontrarán será algo distinto y los embarcará en una serie de episodios que pondrán en peligro sus vidas...

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Festivus Film Festival - February, 2012

One of the most beautiful films at Festivus 2012 (our fifth year). Why? One of the reasons was that Director Jeremiah Gurzi was able to score some personalized lenses built from scratch for this film and this film only.

Meteorite Magazine - February, 2012

How a Canyon Diablo Meteorite Made The Silver Screen
It all began in Reno, Nevada, during the summer of 1994. I can still vividly recall swimming with friends after hours at Idlewild pool. We would routinely show up around midnight to cool off and I would inevitably find myself laying on a diving board, staring in awe at the heavens above...

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MovieMaker Magazine - October 21, 2011

Join Lorrena Magana of NewFilmmakers Los Angeles at L.A.'s Sunset Gower Studios and get up close and personal with the latest slate of moviemakers screening their work at NFMLA's monthly screening series.

Doddle - September 16, 2011

Filmmaker JT GURZI talks about making his first feature “HEAVEN STREWN”

It’s not very often a first feature comes along that shows an impressive mastery of the craft. Last week, I attended the premiere of JT Gurzi’s film, “Heaven Strewn” at New Filmmakers held at Sunset-Gower Studios in Hollywood, and I could tell this director was going places.

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MCB News - August 26, 2011

MCB News at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles interviews Heaven Strewn Actor Rob Tepper, Magdaleno Robles Jr., Robert Zepeda, Alexandra Williams, Producer West McDowell & Jeremiah Gurzi.